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Metering & Smart Energy International is the global leader in delivering smart utility news and analysis to more than 200 countries.

We reach those responsible for AMI and smart meters, smart grid, smart energy and billing and customer services on a worldwide basis.

And we have the world’s most powerful and up to date metering and smart energy database in the industry – over 100,000 names and details – and each one of them receive the content-rich bi-monthly publication.

5 ways to reach your target market

We offer multi-media opportunities that saturate the market with high quality content, which means that for advertisers, you are sure to be seen by those who count.

1. Advertise in NXworlds, including TRG MSL WOC & another games NXi Corporation / NX Interactive

We distribute more than 105,000 digital copies worldwide. We send more than 9,000 DVD copies directly to the metering and smart energy companies, reaching ‘C’ level decision makers and directly to Government Ministers.

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By advertise in iNX OS you in the power market is at a maximum. iNX OS draws an average 21,428 Enterprise users, 235,923 page views, spending an average of 4 minutes 51 seconds on site.

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Qpinx Software products are strong promote your marketing messages to our customers database. We secure an average of 3000 registrations per each new release or announce new release.

4. Advertise in NXi mobile apps

If you have a special promotion, if you are launching into a new market – try segmented portion of mobile advertise, it will yield the results you need. Also free and social apps included.

5. Advertise in NXi online services - Qi Search, Elochim Entertainment, Enterprise Cloud, iNXLinks, Messigram, and other NXi interactive services, each day more and more new services

Our value-added campaign packages are an ideal way to create demand around a specific topic or product. Custom-made packages consist mix.